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The Complete Ranger School Packing List

ranger school packing list tips
Ranger school packing list will need to be checked in order to ensure that everything that is needed for ranger school has been packed and ready to be taken. There is a complete list of things that will be needed and can be downloaded directly from the official websites.  

Items in the Ranger School Packing List

The ranger school basically an intense training designated for the people who apply to be a part of US armies. Obviously there will be limited items to be taken and those items will need to be completed in order to continue in the training. The items in the list will be updated from time to time due to changes those are made sometimes. The items will include the basic daily needs as well as the important documents. The followings are examples of documents that will be needed: ·         Copies or orders or assignation letters for the ranger school. ·         Copies of Validation Letters from the commander. ·         Copies of DD-93/SGLI. ·         Copies of packing list that has been signed. ·         Copies of medical documentation that will include copies of all specialized or laboratory consultations. ·         Identity card. One more thing that will be necessary is to copy the first four pages from the complete packing list that is available in the official website. The copy from the first four pages will be used as a checklist. Basic Daily Items in the List Aside of necessary documents, there will also be necessary basic daily needs. It’s recommended to put sign such as full name to the items to make it easier in finding them. Some items those are considered being civilians’ needs such as civilian GPS or electric items are not allowed to be taken. Vitamins and supplements are not allowed along with other personal items including cash money for over $100. Check the official website for the further information of ranger school packing list. The wonderful images below is other parts of The Complete Ranger School Packing List content which is classed as within Destination. Posted on . Clik other picture in gallery to see other picture about The Complete Ranger School Packing List.

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