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Did You Know the Original Statue of Liberty Black Woman?

original statue of liberty black woman pictures
Original statue of Liberty black woman is history that is trying to be covered by the American white people. It is such a shame actually. Not just because America still shows how racist their people are but also because they do not want to admit one of the most powerful history of black people in America.

The History of Liberty

Do you know that the original statue of Liberty is actually not that Roman looking woman who is holding a torch and a tablet? The gift that was give by “French people” to America was in fact in the form of black woman statue. But you might be wondering why it was changed. Well, the statue was refused as American people, especially white people, were afraid that the statue would be a constant reminder of what the slaves earned at that time because they have done a great job in the American Civil War.

Original Statue Liberty Black Woman, a Shame for White Americans

Maybe the reason why many people were against this initial model of Liberty statue was because they were ashamed of what they did to their fellow Americans that happened to be Negro. We personally think that people do not need a constant reminder of the act their ancestries did. The revealing of this important history was actually done by Dr. Jack Felder when he openly asked a question in an American newspaper about whether people know or not that the original Liberty statue is actually a black woman figure with broken chains in her hands and at her feet, the symbol of broken slavery. And of course with that revelation, people were really curious and tried to search more information about the original statue of Liberty black woman that made such controversial even in the past when people rejected it. The wonderful images below is other parts of Did You Know the Original Statue of Liberty Black Woman? content which is classed as within Destination. Posted on . Clik other picture in gallery to see other picture about Did You Know the Original Statue of Liberty Black Woman?.

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