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Machu Picchu definitely needs to be on a list of things that every one of us needs to visit in our lifetime! You know that kind of list? In the category of places, this one is one of world’s top ten, no doubt. Lost civilization is something that always intrigued our mind, and this Peruvian ruins offer everything you can imagine that will make you feel like an explorer. Linked with nature, in the magical mountain site, Machu Picchu is a kind of time machine – our civilization’s insight in developed civilization that lived more than 500 years ago. Keep reading this Machu Picchu tours suggestions, and we’ll help you to decide what your perfect way to visit the Incan lost city is. Peru is a nation in South America, surrounded by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Nation’s capital and the biggest city is Lima, costal place on the beautiful Pacific Ocean. If you decide to visit first Cusco from Lima, it’s good to know that the distance between these two cities is 725 miles (1650km). From Cusco to Machu Picchu there’s another 70 miles (112km). For all people coming from outside the country by plane, they’ll land at the capital city, as it’s the only international airport in the country. If your choice is to fly from Lima to Cusco, there’s an option for it, during the peak of the season. You can choose from 4 domestic airline companies and because of it, you can enjoy in flexibility of choosing the one that suits you the most. The flight time between these two cities is one hour and five minutes. There are literary dozen (even hundreds) of companies that are selling Machu Picchu tours packages from every more sizable city in Peru, especially in Lima and Cusco. Most of local operators offer a single day adventure, but you can also find an offer for a couple of days, of course. It’s very wise to ask for a tour operator for the size of the group you’re going to share this trip, only because you’ll be moving faster and be able to see more. Machu Picchu tours offer usually includes all transport and a professional guide. For non-Spanish speaker, make sure that your guide person speaks good English. It’s very important for this kind of trip to have the guide person – or someone who knows almost everything about the ruins, as this is the way that will help you experience your Machu Picchu adventure as you imagined. If you don’t know a lot about history and about this specific place of it, your journey wouldn’t be so powerful. That is why; if you want to travel without a guide, start exploring history! In every organized tour, you’ll have for about 4 hours at the ruins, in average. Before you even enter this magical place, make sure that you have the tickets for entrance. Earlier, you had an option to buy them at Machu Picchu itself, but now, you have to buy them at the Machu Picchu Cultural Center in Aguas Calientes. This center opens every morning in 5.15 in the morning. The price of this ticket reaches some $45, and there’s a discount for students of 50%. Very important! They accept only Peruvian currency, so don’t forget to change it in bigger cities, as at the spot, you’ll may have a problem to do it. And it’s not an option for you, after almost reaching Machu Picchu, to return to Aguas Calientes just to change your currency. Essential for every organized journey is to book in advance for your ticket. If you think that there’s always a free place for you, you need to know that Machu Picchu is one of the most popular travel destinations around the world. So, organize your trip some time earlier and you’ll be able to enjoy in every single second of this Peruvian adventure. Machu Picchu tours offers are covering every single travel option that has to do with the lost city. All you have to do is – plan your time and free yourself to this amazing place – which you’ll never forget, for sure. Who comes to Machu Picchu once, very often returns. Simply, it’s among the most intrigued, beautiful places you have ever visited. The wonderful images below is other parts of Machu Picchu Tours content which is classed as within Destination. Posted on . Clik other picture in gallery to see other picture about Machu Picchu Tours.

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