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Lumbar Support Pillow: Saying Goodbye To Back Pain

One of the major causes of lost work time is back pain. Though this can be addressed by surgery and medication, inexpensive option such as using a lumbar support pillow may help prevent and/or treat this discomfort. Lumbar is the hollow region on the back where the spine, the body’s weight support, lies. Poor posture can affect this particular region due to prolonged standing or sitting leading to painful and excruciating back pain. For severe and chronic back pain sufferer, doctors might have already recommended lumbar support devices such as a back support pillow as therapeutic tools. For those who want to prevent back pain, learning the many perks of buying a lumbar support pillow may be of great help.   Lumbar Support Pillow Ergonomics   Lumbar support pillows are predominantly designed to achieve anatomically appropriate seating or sleeping posture. Incorrect posture can lead to pain and discomfort thereby reducing concentration, safety, and returns. A lumbar support pillow can help alleviate, if not heal, this predicament. It is normally positioned in the hollow portion of a chair's back to support the spine's natural S-shaped curvature.   A basic lumbar support pillow is rectangular in shape at about 12 inches and five inches with a thickness of around 2 inches. Other lumbar support pillows are cylindrical in shape held with an elastic band or designed with a flat side to be placed on a chair and a round area to provide support on a sitter's back. Some orthopedic doctors can customize one for their patients according to their weight, height, and seating or sleeping preferences.   Pillow stuffings used are dense materials which do not easily get compacted. A dense foam is the most common filling used by manufacturers. Other types of fillings are "memory" foam, grains and buckwheat hulls. Magnets are sometimes included for additional benefits. Most lumbar support pillows have machine-washable covers and are normally portable.     Benefits of A Lumbar Support Pillow   The main design of a lumbar support pillow is to keep natural alignment of the spine. Without proper lumbar support, the spine's natural curvature (S-shape) shift into a C-shape position which leads to poor posture. Prolonged slouched appearance usually leads to lower back pain, tension on the upper back, and added stress to the shoulder areas and the neck. The use of a lumbar support pillow helps to correct this inappropriate posture through many ways such as:   *decreased activation of the muscles *decreased tension on tendons/ligaments *decreased pressure on spinal discs *increased comfort   Back pain patients need to support the upper body, the lumbar vertebrae, and the pelvis. When not done properly, these could stress out muscles, tendons and nerves as well as add pressure to the spinal discs. This, in turn, leads to discomfort or, in worst cases, chronic pain. A lumbar support pillow helps reduce action, strain and pressure on the musculature and backbone by providing the correct support.   Aside from these health benefits, a lumbar support pillow also possesses significant perks. Most types of lumbar pillows are portable. They can be used in an office chair or in a car. Toting one during travels that require prolonged sitting position also enjoys this portability benefit. Another important benefit of a lumbar support pillow is in their easy clean-up. These pillows have removable covers that can be machine washed. Some types of lumbar support pillows are also machine-washable, covers and all.   For patients with chronic back pain, an orthopedic doctor can also customize a lumbar support pillow to suit your height, weight, seating, and quirky preferences. Some make use of rice fillings so it can be warmed or refrigerated for adequate hot/cold compress. Others make use of "memory" foam which actually "remembers" the contours of a user. Magnets are also used in other lumbar support pillows to aid in the healing process.   Where to Buy   There are many types of lumbar support pillow available nowadays. Some are designed for cars, for chairs, and for sleeping. For chronic pain and health-induced back pain, an orthopedic doctor can assist in finding the right one for you. Some orthopedic clinic sells or customizes lumbar support pillows for their patients. For preventive measures, home depots also sell this type of lumbar support tool, and are normally found along their office ergonomics department. There are also online retailers nowadays such as Amazon, BadBackStore, RelaxTheBack, LifeSolutionsPlus, and so on which distribute lumbar support pillows in all shapes, sizes, color, and style to provide proper posture and comfort while you work, drive, travel or sleep. The wonderful images below is other parts of Lumbar Support Pillow: Saying Goodbye To Back Pain content which is classed as within Travel Products. Posted on . Clik other picture in gallery to see other picture about Lumbar Support Pillow: Saying Goodbye To Back Pain.

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