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Android, iPhone International Calling apps

Android, iPhone International Calling apps

We are all traveling more than ever before in history. People very often take jobs overseas and have more opportunities to live their dreams – in terms of job, way of life and new chances. Every new experience is always a step forward to the ultimate goal: the point where we’ll use our full potential.

Traveling makes us smarter, brighter and gives us new perspectives on things, people and new ideas for success on professional side of us. There is nothing more exciting than meeting new cultures and new views on things, different from what we have experienced by that point.

In that journey of ours we are all leaving friends or family members at a place we love to call home. That is why is always great to be updated with additional options and discoveries in technology that will help us stay connected with our dear ones.

Let’s say you traveled across half a world away for a longer period of time, and you’d like to stay in touch with your family, then what are your communication options? In great variety of services and applications, it’s always the best to find the one with the best offer.

Fully transparent rates, no weekly fee, no hang up fee, no need for physical card and works on any phone is what you need?

Rebtel is kind of phone card, but on the Internet. With traditional phone cards, you are faced with weekly fee or painful task of punching in a new PIN number every time you want to make an international call. Rebtel is extremely easy to use, and by visiting the official website, you have the opportunity to easily find an access number closest to your current location. The company, at this point, offer access numbers in more than 50 countries worldwide and more than 80 cities in the USA.

There is also an option of free calls, SMS and mobile apps for Android and iPhone. For those who sign up for the first time – first call is free! Calls and texts are free to million of company users.

Except the fact that it works on any phone, there’s no dropped calls or bad connections, with crystal clear voice quality and for calls you can use WiFi, 3G, along with access numbers.

Options and services qualify this company to the circle of apps you might want to try, simply because quality communications with your dear ones really don’t have the price.

There are three easy steps to start using Rebtel. Sign Up. Download apps for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone and see how it works on any phone at the official website. Call. (Don’t forget that trying the service – the first call – is free).

No more longing to talk to your family abroad. No more generic prepaid phone cards with half of minutes off from the initial credit and simplicity, price and accessibility – are the most important features of things we love to use nowadays.

Sometimes and with some companies we are much closer to our family than we think. Connection has this power to make smiles.

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