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10 Things You Must Have in Bug-Out Bag Packing List

bug out bag packing list
Bug-out bag packing list is necessary in order to pack the bug-out bag just in case that emergency situation comes. It is called emergency, so there is no one knows for sure when the emergency day will come. Preparing for the emergency situation is something good and it can be started with just one bag called as bug-out bag. It is known that the bag will be filled with necessary items only and in order to make the packing time easier, there will be the following items recommended to be taken inside of the bag.

Basic Items in Bug-Out Bag Packing List

Some things are the very basic needs that will be included in the bug-out bag because the necessity is undoubtedly important. 1.     Foods are basic nourishments and ready-to-eat foods with good nutrition will be best choice. 2.     Clean water obviously needed and it’s better to put some tablets of water purification. 3.     Shelter such as tent and sleeping bags. 4.     Medical supplies that include the simple set of first aid with disinfectant and gauze. 5.     Clothes need to be considered such as bringing jacket that will protect the body from rain and provide warmth. 6.     Survival knife will be important and said to be the most versatile tool that must be had. 7.     Firearm or weapon is necessary just in case that there is a need to defend from danger. 8.     Lighting devices such as flashlights with enough batteries will be great especially when dark comes. 9.     Identification card along with the other necessary documents. 10.  Map and compass will be necessary when seeking for refugee and evacuating. Those are the necessary items. Aside of checking on that, it is good to remember that the bag-out bag must be made as light as possible and check the bag regularly to ensure that everything is just as expected in the bug-out bag packing list. The wonderful images below is other parts of 10 Things You Must Have in Bug-Out Bag Packing List content which is classed as within Packing List. Posted on . Clik other picture in gallery to see other picture about 10 Things You Must Have in Bug-Out Bag Packing List.

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