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10 Facts about Machu Picchu for Kids

machu picchu activities for kids
Machu Picchu for kids or the Forgotten City is a tourist destination in Peru. It is an ancient city that its ruins have been found by archaeologists back in 1911. There were many things have been discovered by the archaeologists like ruins of palaces, fortresses, temples, and even a royal tomb. These, of course, would be something exciting for kids to explore. Plus, learning history is fun You should definitely take your kids to this great ancient site to help them learn about histories they do not have the chance to touch at school. Exploring Machu Picchu is a very interesting activity especially for children because there are a lot of things they would feel curious about.

Facts about Machu Picchu for Kids

Before visiting this Inca ancient city, it would be great if you know some facts about this historical place first. The first is that Hiram Bingham, the discoverer, actually looked for other Inca sites at other places but stopped by and found Machu Picchu instead. It is also believed that Hiram was not the first outsider who laid eyes on the ruins. When Hiram opened the jungle to save the site, he instead found many artifacts. And do you know that the fun way to reach the site is through the Inca Trail trek? Every year there is a race there. Also, porters usually sleep with shiny objects beneath when sleeping on the trail. But it is sad that high mountains actually block the view of sunrise. There are also entrance rules and one of them is to not dress in another country’s traditional costume. Endhiran, a Bollywood movie, was one of the few films that were permitted to shoot there. And the last fact of Machu Picchu for kids is that there are actually bears there. The wonderful images below is other parts of 10 Facts about Machu Picchu for Kids content which is classed as within Destination. Posted on . Clik other picture in gallery to see other picture about 10 Facts about Machu Picchu for Kids.

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